Materials Analyst

Lucie joined CREST in 2015 as a Materials Analyst , she is currently working on the consultancy services for private companies.

Lucie was graduated in October 2014 with a Master’s degree in Solid State Chemistry and Materials, as well as with an Engineering degree in Material Science and Engineering, both from the University of Rennes 1, France.

Lucie was involved in different research projects through her education, including her master thesis which she undertook within The School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney, Australia. At that time she was working on the synthesis and characterisation of oxygen non-stoichiometric perovskites; she was investigating oxygen conduction through complex systems. She gained good experience with solid-state synthesis methods and characterisation methods such as XRD (analysis and refinements), TGA, Raman.

In 2013, Lucie worked within DSM Composites Resins in The Netherlands as a part of her studies. She was investigating mechanisms happening during curing of styrene-free resins for which she used the NMR and IR as characterisation techniques. As part of a university project, Lucie worked in collaboration with the French Institute of Corrosion on the characterization of passive films of Ni-based alloys and duplex stainless steel.

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