Plasmabound is the sole provider of a step-change bonding pre-treatment technology, termed Controlled Polymer Ablation (CPA), which supports the weight reduction programmes of transport and goods manufacturers (e.g. Airbus, Audi and Bombardier). The CPA technology facilitates the structural adhesive joining of lightweight materials, namely carbon and glass fibre reinforced composites.

Plasmabound was created in late 2017 and has been developing its offering since. From 3 employees in 2018, a Business Development Head joined the company in late 2018, further developing the content and reach. PlasmaBound is addressing several verticals including Automotive and Transport, Aerospace and Space, Wind Energy and Consumer Electronics for which composites – estimated to reach $163Bn by 2026 – (lighter, tougher and do not corrode) are a critical element in meeting tougher European and Global environmental regulations. PlasmaBound’s CPA Technology addresses both a higher structural bonding capability between similar and dissimilar materials, but more over provides a simpler, cleaner and more repeatable automated process. Savings in CAPEX and OPEX have been estimated at around 15%-20% each. As this technology is totally disruptive from current processes, several industries are already showing a strong interest in integrating this technology in their process.

Plasmabound needed support in the development of a 6 axis robot which integrate the technology of the 3 axis system presently available.

CREST Technology Gateway provided Plasmabound with the landscape and the roadmap to develop the process automation with respect to 6 axis systems and helped Plasmabound creating a Business Case as well as a developing a Prototype as part of an ESA-BIC project.

“Access to the knowledge, expertise and facilities at CREST TU Dublin greatly simplified the automation of our Controlled Polymer Ablation (CPA) surface preparation process. CREST’s prior knowledge and activities in pilot builds contributed significantly to success of the project, and the resulting demonstrator has removed a colossal process integration barrier for PlasmaBound into the Automotive industry, lending to a considerable uptick in pipeline growth.” Dr James Nicholas Barry, Plasmabound Technical Director