The abrasion resitance of a flat surface can be tested using a Taber Abrasion tester. The abrasion is tested by monitoring the loss of material over a specified number of revolutions. The test consists of mounting a test panel (100 x 100 mm) on a turntable, rotating at 60 (± 2) revolutions per minute, with wheels of an abrasive material resting on the surface. As the turntable and wheels rotate, a wear pattern is created on the test surface.

The wheels consist of a rubber wheel, on top of which is an abrasive material (e.g. silicon carbide or aluminium oxide). The abrasion wheels are also interchangeable to mimic real life wear such as that produced continuous handling, polishing cleaning or more aggressive wear such as foot traffic wear.

A weight is applied to the abrasive wheels, which can be increased or decreased.

Abrasion testing is performed as set out in ASTM D4060, MIL-A-8625-F, or I.S. EN ISO 7784, either part 1 or 2, depending on the nature of the coating. The wear of the materials is calculated, and the wear index can calculated, as specified in standard ASTM D4060 .