CREST Credit Humidity Cabinet

Exposure to high humidity or condensation can cause degradation of coated materials. Knowledge of how a coating resists water is helpful in predicting its service life. With exposure, oxidation of the base substrate, or blistering of the coating can occur, giving an indication of the performance of the coating/substrate. Failure may be caused by a number of factors including a deficiency in the coating itself, contamination of the substrate, or inadequate surface preparation. This practice is therefore useful for evaluating coatings alone, or complete coating systems. Coating systems are evaluated on a pass or fail system, however, degree of failure can also be performed on request. A coating system is considered to pass if there is no evidence of water-related failure after a period of time.

Samples submitted to CREST can be prepared and tested following the international standards ASTM D 2247 – 02, and I.S EN ISO 6270.