Cressington 208C Carbon Evaporation Coating Unit Description

The Cressington Turbo 208C Carbon Evaporation Coating Unit is a high vacuum coating system designed to evaporate carbon layers onto samples prior to FE-SEM analysis. Advantages of the 208C include; multiple evaporation capability through a voltage controlled rod source (results are reproducible and efficient), a coating thickness monitor, turbo pump capability which allows for rapid pumpdown and very short coating cycle times).

Coatings as low as 0.2nm can be applied to samples and the thickness monitor ensures precision when measuring the amount of carbon deposited. The thickness monitor works on the principle of the quartz crystal microbalance. When evaporated carbon is deposited on the oscillating quartz crystal its frequency is decreased. This change in frequency is then used to calculate the film thickness using the value for carbon density.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage controlled rod source gives multiple evaporation capability.
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitor gives reproducible results.
  • Thickness Range – 0 – 999.9nm
  • 80 l/sec turbo pump on a 150mm chamber gives very rapid pumpdown.
  • 150mm Ø (5.9″) chamber size
  • Variable height – 165mm – 250mm
  • Sample Stage – Static table holds 12 SEM ½” stubs, optional rotary-planetary-tilt stage
  • Digital voltage setting, 0.1 – 5.5V

Pumpdown time – 1.5 min. to 1×10-4mb