Cressington 208HR Sputter Coater Description

The Cressington 208HR Sputter Coating Unit is a high vacuum coating system designed to sputter a range of metals onto samples prior to FESEM imaging. As coatings can interact with different sample surfaces in different ways, the apparent grain size of the coating can vary between samples. In order to minimise this issue, a range of metals and alloys can be used depending on sample type. Imaging of non-conducting materials requires coating the sample in Au/Pd or Pt/ Pd, whilst semi-conducting samples can be sputtered with a very thin Cr layer.

As thin layers require a long working distance and thick layers a long working distance, the 208HR coating unit comes with varying glass heights to facilitate working distance requirements. Also, the precise control of both conformity and uniformity of the coating can be regulated due to the wide range of operating pressures available as well as correct utilisation of the thickness controller.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Wide choice of coating materials – Au/Pd, Pt/Pd and Cr (quick target change)
  • Precision thickness control – thickness optimised to FESEM operating voltage
  • Multiple sample stage movements – separate rotary, planetary and tilting movements allow optimised coating thickness and coverage, variable speed rotation.
  • Variable Chamber Geometry:-Chamber geometry is used to adjust deposition rates from 1.0 nm/sec to 0.002nm/sec to optimize structure.
  • Chamber Size – 150mm
  • Variable Chamber height – 165mm – 250mm
  • Availability of four sample holders
  • Thickness Range – 0nm – 999.9nm
  • Pumping System – Turbo-drag/rotary pump combination – Optional diaphragm pump instead of rotary pump

Pumpdown time – 1 min. to 1×10-3mb