Based in the basement of the FOCAS Institute, the Spectroscopy Laboratory houses a range of high specification spectroscopy instrumentation including; ultraviolet/visible/near infra red absorption spectrometer ,a Fourier Transform infrared microscope allowing measurement of material absorption continuously from the UV to the IR, a Raman spectroscopic microscope providing vibrational analysis, a fluorescence spectrometer, a scanning polarimeter for measurement of circular dichroism and optical rotary dispersion across the visible spectrum.

Spectroscopy is an analytical tool that is critical for determining and understanding the properties of materials as well as physical, chemical and biological processes. Spectroscopy can be used for Q.C. analysis and routine problem solving as well in the development of new materials and technologies.

As spectroscopy techniques are limited in the physical properties they can determine several spectroscopy techniques should be used in a complementary manner.

The Gas Chromatograph –Mass Spectrometer is housed in the Sample Preparation Laboratory also within the basement of the FOCAS Institute. GC-MS is a hybrid technique which couples the powerful separation technique of gas chromatography with the specific characterisation ability of mass spectrometry. It is useful technique for the determination of volatile and semi-volatile, thermally stable compounds.

Equipment Includes:

For further details on the equipment please contact Dr. Brendan Duffy (CREST) and Prof. Hugh Byrne (FOCAS).