Coating thickness is an important variable that plays a role in product quality, process control, and cost control. Using the Elcometer 355 module, the dry film coating thickness can be measured, non-destructively, on ferrous or non-ferrous substrates. Different probe heads are used for each measurement; one probe based on Eddy Current measurements, the other by magnetic induction measurements.

Eddy Current measurement: suitable for non-ferrous substrates, or any film-substrate combination, provided that the atomic number of the coating and the substrate differs (≥ 5), as according to ISO 2808:2019 Method 7C.

Magnetic-induction measurement: this method is suitable for ferrous substrates. The device contains a coil system, through which an alternating electromagnetic field is introduced. The coil system measures the change produced in the magnetic field when it approaches a ferro-magnetic substrate.

This test can be performed in accordance with the following standards; ASTM B499, ASTM D7091, ASTM E376,  ASTM B244 (probes N1, N4), BS EN ISO 1461, BS EN ISO 2178:2016, ISO 2063:2019, ISO 2808:2019, ISO 10074:2010, ISO 19840:2012, IMO MSC.215 (82), IMO MSC.244(83), NF T30-124 (March 2020), SSPC-PA2.