Our expertise ranges from material surface characterisation to the development of novel surface coating solutions for diverse industries.

Advancement in surface technologies demands a thorough assessment of the formulation, quality and performance of coatings. This requires the use of specialised instrumentation by skilled researchers. With this in mind, CREST has expanded its field of expertise and is now offers scientific and industrial communities a wide range of tests that comply with the requirements from international standards (ISO, BS, EN and ASTM). We are committed to on-going training, which allows us to keep up with new technologies and assessment methods.

A list of equipment available can be found on our Services page

We focus on meeting our clients’ needs on:

  • Solvent and water borne and powder coatings
  • Metallic and inorganic coatings
  • Physical and chemical Testing
  • Corrosion control
  • Innovation through R&D
  • Technical/ Legislation support
  • Specification and validation

We provide surface solutions for industries such as:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Architectural
  • Civil engineering
  • OEM engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Hygiene

The CREST Centre is the National Approval Laboratory for:

  • NRA approval system
  • Department of the Environment VOC validation
  • NSAI QC on public schemes
  • Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine procedures for metal roof cladding, side cladding and prepainted metal purlins