PhD Researcher

Aishwarya graduated in 2015 with a MChem degree in Chemistry with Materials Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, UK and was awarded the Edinburgh Global International Scholarship throughout the course of her studies.

She completed several research projects including her top-ranked Master’s project on developing new anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). She particularly gained experience in high pressure and high temperature chemistry (HPHT), powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) and multiphase structural refinements.

Aishwarya joined CREST in 2016 as a PhD researcher and is currently working on the formation and characterisation of duplex anodic layers for varied engineering applications under the supervision of Dr Michael Whelan (CREST) and Dr John Cassidy (School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT Kevin St.). Her research is centred on optimising newly developed anodising processes for aluminium alloys as a replacement for chromic acid anodising (CAA). Her work utilises a range of electrochemical and accelerated corrosion and weathering tests to analyse the performance of new treatments and also employs high resolution electron microscopy and advanced spectroscopic techniques.