Bartholomew joined CREST in 2015 and is currently working towards a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Grainne Hargaden (School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, DIT Kevin St.) and Prof. Declan McCormack (Head of School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at DIT Kevin St., CREST Academic Director). His work involves formation of Triazoles, that show anticorrosive properties, with the use of Magnetic Click Catalyst (Cubic and Tetragonal Copper Ferrite).

Bartholomew holds a BSc in Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry (Hons 1:1), which He obtained from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2014 finishing top of his class. His final year project titled “Synthesis and Characterisation of Psoralen Analogues for Application in Medicine” in which He studied synthetic routes leading to formation of 6-methoxy-3-phenylindenone, an analogue of phototherapeutic Psoralen, which leads to inhibition of DNA replication through photo-induced [2+2] cycloadditon and finds application in treatment of drug resistant cancerous cells. His project was recognised as the best in his class for, which he received Lennox Laboratory Award. He was also awarded Student Excellence Award from the College of Science and Health and The Institute of Chemistry in Ireland Membership Award for His performance in chemistry in his final year. After completion of His studies, Bartholomew, worked at Henkel Dusseldorf where He was a part of a Light Metal Surface Treatment Team working on improvement of anticorrosive coatings for Aluminium Alloys.