Research Scientist

Garrett joined CREST in February 2011 having graduated with a first class honours master’s degree in mechanical engineering (ME) from Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton St in September 2010. Previously Garrett garnered work experience as senior project/mechanical engineer in Ireland and New Zealand for Irish and international engineering companies.

Garrett holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering (B.Sc. (Eng) Dip (Eng)) from Dublin Institute of Technology obtained in December 2001. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2015 entitled “Development of Novel Low Surface Energy Multifunctional Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings for Aluminium Alloys” under the supervision of Dr. Brendan Duffy and Prof. Declan McCormack.

Garrett has worked on several collaborative research projects including the AeroMUCO project. The FP7 funded project in conjunction with partners across Europe aimed at advancing aeronautical coatings research in terms of preventing ice build up, insect fouling and particulate erosion to aircraft surfaces fabricated from 2000 series aluminium alloys.

Garrett is interested in novel surface engineering developments in particular smart surfaces and multifunctional materials obtained from hybrid sol-gel processing. These include polymeric finishes and capillary based coatings that can have self-cleaning, self-healing or lubricious applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, medical devices and energy generation.