The microscopy suite resides in the basement of the FOCAS building which is specifically designed for vibration stability and electromagnetic shielding.

Optical Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

Metallographic Preparation

  • High speed saw
  • Low speed saw
  • Motopol 2000 Automatic Grinder/Polisher
  • Metaserv Universal Polisher
  • Metaserv Specimen Dryer
  • Ultrasonic baths
  • Cambridge Potentiometer
  • Mitutoyo Toolmaker’s Microscope
  • Struers Grinding and polishing Wheels
  • Corrosion Monitor 1120 Corrator
  • Thurlby Thandar Oscilloscope Multiplexer
  • Static Converter
  • Tektronix 2430A Oscilloscope
  • Thurlby Thandar 1504 DVM PC for Pico Data logger
  • Variable Resistor Units (X2)
  • Cut-Off Wheel