The Hitachi SU-6600 is a high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope capable of high resolution imaging (1.2nm at 30kV, High Vacuum mode) in addition to imaging of coated and uncoated materials in Variable Pressure mode. VP mode allows the operator to easily change from high vacuum to low vacuum mode using the motor driven ADAPT (Automated Differential Aperture) VP aperture.

Additional functionalities of the SU-6600 include; an ESED (environmental secondary electron detector), STEM Detector and Cryo-SEM imaging.

Technical Specifications:

Schottky (thermal) field emission electron source

Imaging resolution of 1.2nm at 30Kv and 3.0nm at 1kV

Magnification: 10x – 600,000x

Accelerating Voltage: 1kV – 30kV

VP pressure range: 10-300Pa (easy to move from high vacuum to low vacuum mode)

Specimen Stage: x = 110mm, y = 110mm, z = 4 – 40mm, tilt =-5 – +70 degrees.

Detection Systems: ESED, Secondary Electron Detector, Backscattered Electron Detector

In Addition:

Cryo-SEM capability: Gatan 2500 Alto Cryotransfer Stage installed to SU-6600. This allows the operator to image cryogenically frozen materials in addition to giving freeze fracture and Au coating capability.