ESB International (ESBI) is a leading global engineering consultancy specialising in the utility sector. ESBI invests in, develops, designs, operates and maintains power stations both nationally and internationally, and also trades electricity in competitive European energy markets. Employing over 1,100 professional staff between its offices in Ireland and abroad, ESBI has completed projects in over 120 countries. Since 2005 ESBI have been regular clients of CREST with particular needs in the area of corrosion prevention. Following remediation works the management team in ESBI identified technical needs in the area of coatings and inspections. Following discussions with the CREST Gateway team in December 2015 a training plan was outlined and schedule put in place.

In August 2016 eleven senior engineers started a bespoke training course in Protective Coatings. Over the course of four Mondays the staff were introduced to coating technology and surface treatments during the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. Using current ESBI coating systems, the staff were trained to evaluate and assess their suitability on pristine, contaminated and badly corroded surfaces. The coating challenges faced during the course were designed to mimic those experienced in the field. A company visit to Galco Steel was also included. Galco treat products from Irish companies, such as Meath Metals, that are eventually used by ESBI. The engineering team were exposed to the practical aspects of a range of surface treatments and coating technologies.

Equipped with new tools, the team are now confident that they can take necessary preventative steps in their specifications, in identifying and treating localised corrosion failures before they require substantial remediation.

“This training has added another level of expertise for the ESBI senior engineers from Asset Management Services and HV Design; they can quickly identify suitable coatings, failures and potential treatments during the course of their work, both during the asset lifetime on site and feeding back to the design and specification stage.”

Stewart Flood, ESBI Engineering, Electrical Engineer, Stations Maintenance, Asset Management Services