Exigence Technologies

CREST is delighted to start working with Exigence Technologies on their H2020 project SymbiCoat.

In this project Exigence’s stimulus responsive monomers will be incorporated into robust industrial coatings for use in food production facilities, creating ‘smart’ materials as a result.
These materials have the potential to improve food safety, quality, shelf life and plant productivity.
While not antimicrobial, these coatings create rechargeable surfaces that extend the efficacy of active chlorine released from registered biocides, such as sodium hypochlorite.
At the same time, the surfaces improve cleanability to discourage the anchorage of biofilms.
Together, it is anticipated that this technology may enable sodium hypochlorite to significantly improve control of common microbial challenges (such as Listeria and E.coli) among others in food processing environments.

Zach Wolff, CEO of Exigence Technologies, says that this technology has the opportunity to be a game changer in the in the food industry by enlisting passive surfaces in the fight to maintain plant hygiene, improving productivity and product quality while reducing the overall need for biocides.