Metal Improvement Company (MIC)

The Metal Improvement Company (MIC), a subsidiary of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation opened a new Parylene coatings facility in Galway in 2011. MIC has over twenty years’ experience in parylene coatings and the Galway site provides a coating service for the MedicalDevice, Electronics and Aerospace markets. As part of the PDI Innovation Partnership funded by Enterprise Ireland, MIC worked with CREST to optimise the adhesion of parylene onto Aluminium components to use as heating elements for blood packs. The aluminium components were supplied by a Dutch medical device company (Helvoet BV), which requires a device that allows blood to be taken from storage (+4°C) and rapidly heated to body temperature, thus ensuring best practise for patient care. Previous work by MIC found that the traditional cleaning degreasing steps were not sufficient to prepare the surface for optimised parylene adhesion.

The Gateway worked with the CREST Research group to investigate commercially available cleaning chemistries and adhesion promoters to maximise parylene adhesion. Through a controlled series of iterative steps a cleaning/adhesion promoter system was delivered which achieved adhesion and chemical resistance standards. The surface treatment enabled MIC to successfully coat the heating elements with full conformal coatings at a thickness of less than 4 microns. As a result of this work new orders have been generated for the company with a new production line being installed, CREST are assisting the company in this process.